Yes We Are Haunted

There will be absolutely no refunds for paranormal events or activities. This includes but is not limited too: Hauntings, ghosts, possessions, specters, things that go bump in the night, random meows from the air vents.

Like much of Bisbee, The Bisbee Inn is haunted. We highly recommend you do not stay here if that is an issue. Our ghosts are very friendly, and have taken care of our hotel for over 100 years. Please respect them

Our most famous resident is that of a Cat who died half a century ago. While it never lived inside the Hotel La More, this stray decided to take up residence in the infamous room 23 after their passing.

Bisbee’s Lady in White has often taken up shelter in the building. You will recognize her presence by the smell of Lilacs that usually accompanies her specter. She is a local hero, and ion you see her, please pay your respects. 

Room 15 contains the Exhausted Spirit, we do not know his origins, but don’t be surprised if he cuddles up next to you while you sleep. It can be distressing at first, but he is harmless, and just trying to get a nights sleep. 

The Handsome Young Devil, a young miner whose identity has never been discovered, is most often seen outside room 17. -A great room for those who are paranormal curious, not haunted itself, it sits just outside the back alley, where three specters are known to be seen. 

Room 11 contains the Quack, a strange being we have never really figured out. He seems to be obsessed with all things bathroom related. We urge guests to leave their toiletries outside the bathroom when not in the room. Don’t be surprised if he gets into your toothpaste and takes a shower while you are gone. 

If during your stay you obtain any information on our long dead friends, please let us know! Sign our guest book and let the world know your story.