Hotel La More

Hotel La More at The Bisbee Inn

Yes, we are kinda famous

Overlooking Brewer’s Gulch, rebuilt in 1916; our hotel has a storied past of death, destruction, miners and ghosts. A favorite among paranormal enthusiasts, History Buffs, and those who don’t want the typical corporate hotel experience.

Located in the defacto Downtown of Bisbee, we are a few hundred feet away from bars, restaurants, breweries, magicians, axe throwing, lira classes…. Well it’s Bisbee, a lot of Crazy things!

We are the second largest hotel in the town, containing 20 rooms. 16 regular, read: they have a private bathroom. 4 Euro Style, read: Europeans don’t care who hears them doing their business! Yes shared bathrooms for these lucky 4! -Also 7 private parking spots which come in handy during the busy season!

More importantly, now it;’s time to get a little cheesy. We are more than a hotel, we are here to help you experience the city. With the largest common area of any lodging in Bisbee. This is a place for you to meet other travelers, local Bisbee residence, and anyone who happens to walk in to take a break. There is no separation between staff and guest here. If we go out for drinks, you are invited! A lonely traveler? This is a place to make some friends. Our owner is even known to serve Chinese tea to anyone who happens to be in the courtyard!

While our beds are comfortable! And we are currently updating all aspects of the hotel. This is more than a hotel. We are part of the community. So we’re not going to pamper you. Don’t expect some spa treatment. We will never treat you like royalty! But we will always treat you as our friend. Hope to see you soon, and thank you for choosing our little inn.