Our Shared History

Overlooking Brewer’s Gulch, Hotel La More has a long and storied history of weirdness. Built in 1904, the original building burned down under unknown circumstances. The building you see today was completed in 1916 by a Mrs. S.P. Bedford, the original owner and creator of Hotel La More except for its namesake. 

One year later the building was leased by a Mrs.Kate Lamore, who turned the hotel into the “most modern lodging in Bisbee.”

Throughout the years it has been a temporary home to those visiting Bisbee, and a permanent home to many miners who worked the pit. Some of our guests have decided to stay long after their life has expired. Please treat these souls with respect; until now, they have continued to treat this property as their own. 

We do not own the hotel, we share it with all the previous owners and residence.